Monday, August 29, 2011

Life via pictures

My down time when I get home consists of reading blogs. It is such a relaxing pastime. Many of your blogs make me feel better about my crazy life, that seems to be hanging by a thread some days. I am making the effort to stay on top of my blogging. So trust me, I am trying my hardest. I have a few pictures to show. They aren't the greatest, SORRY.
Daddy and I went out to eat at In and Out Burger. After, I got this tasty treat.

My 2nd favorite piece of furniture in my room.

My outfit for tomorrow.

I think I am going to go with the cheeta. They are WAY more comfortable.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I forgot to tell you about......

Post It guy. I did finally text him last Saturday. We text all day and night. Then he CALLED on Sunday night. No one has actually called since I was in high school. It was actually a really awesome move on his part. We met for drinks on Friday with a couple of our friends. Then yesterday, he took me out on a date. It was a lot of fun. He is older than me by 6 years. It doesn't really bother me at all though. I am way more mature than people my age, so we are on about the same level. He is a football coach and it actually gave up watching the cowboys game last night to take me out. I'll keep it y'all updated. :-)

New Life

My life is pretty awesome these days. I have a job a love, family that makes me smile, and friends that keep getting better.


I am beyond stressed with my job. The funny part is that I love teaching and coaching. I feel this surge of love every time I see my volleyball girls. Not in the creepy way, but in the I cannot wait to watch you grow up. Those girls make me smile every day, even when I am having an awful day. Teaching is proving to be a challenge. It isn't the teaching part, it is the paperwork part. I have lesson plans due every Monday at noon. Then I have to have all of my papers into the copy lady three days before I need them. It's the 1st week of school and I am so far behind already. I know I will figure this out. I just need a little time to get ahead. Hopefully, today is that day.


They are fabulous. My cousin had her 2nd baby and he is so handsome. I spent the entire night with them the other night. I can't believe how happy being around a 2 year old, a baby, and a happily married couple, can make me. It gives me hope that one day I will have that kind of happiness.

Bryce telling baby Christian about his day.

Baby Christian and I. I had just gotten out of practice, hence the attire.

I could stare at him all day long.


It is amazing to watch as my friendships grow with me. My life is changing in a huge way and my friends are changing too. We are in the grown up boat together. It is fun to be going through this all at the same time. These huge life changes have made me love them more and more everyday.


This is a horribly unflattering picture of me. My cat, Cali, woke me up by kissing me this morning.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I had trainning all last week. I was in tranning from 8-4 and then went straight to practice. It was a long week. There is something good that came out of this awful inservice. I got hit on, which never happens. How he did it was rather interesting too. He hit on me via post-it. Yes, the kind that sits on your desk. He had to leave traning early and he left it in my stuff. That was on Thursday. I waited to text him till Saturday. We text all night and then he called me on Sunday. We talked for 2 1/2 hours. Guys really don't call girls anymore. It was a nice change of pace from texting. I am such a better flirt on the phone than in texts. Hopefully he calls tonight because I kind of like him. :-)

The post-it. :-)

The other exciting event this past week was that my cousin had had her second boy!!! Before him there were only 2 babies and both are under the age of two. Babies, therefore, are treated like precious gifts. In my opinion, thats how they should always be treated when they are born. But he is adorable. Momma, Daddy, and older brother are doing fabulous.


I promise, I will post pictures of my classroom soon. It isn't finished but almost. I just have a few more posters to buy to spif it up.

I get to see my brother in two days. I've missed him.
My brother and Chloe. She is his baby.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Being Old/Young

I am too tired to do my list. I know it is Sunday, but honestly I have been unpacking and getting ready for school all day today. Last night I went out with some friends. It was a lot of fun. I am a very driven person. That can be a good thing in the work world but outside of it it isn't such a good quality. I often forget that I am 23 and I should be out living my life. I was glad I was drug out of the house because I had a blast. I was hit on 4 times. They weren't anything worth mentioning but still its still a compliment to be hit on. I had fun being a single, young woman last night.

Inservice starts tomorrow. I am actually going to be a teacher. How did that happen? Ha. I will be a busy bee this week decorating my classroom, decorating the locker room, going to inservice, finishing unpacking, and coaching. See busy week right? Good thing, I only have one game this week. I can rest on Friday night. :-)

As I finish my classroom and my actual room, I will upload pictures. Have a fabulous Monday.

Friday, August 12, 2011

It has been a WEEK

I am sure everyone has those weeks where they just want crawl back into bed. This week was that kind of week for me. I am overwhelmed with everything that is involved in teaching and coaching. It is downright stressful. To make matters worse, my classroom isn't cleaned out from the previous teacher. I know what you are thinking. "Just pack it all up and kick him out." He is the new assistant principal, fabulous. If it isn't clean by Monday; I might scream. School starts on the 22nd and I have nothing done. It is freaking me out a bit because I am such a prefectionist and everything is everywhere. I am trying to remain calm and be excited about having a job. Tomorrow, I am going to the teacher supply store and then out to eat with some of my sorority sisters. I have to say, I am so blessed by my sorority. The women I met through Alpha Gam have become such an important part of my life. I am thankful for the chance to know them. 

Alpha Gamma Delta (I am on the 1st row <---- in front of the girl with the black and white dress

I have been slacking on blogging. I will be catching up on Sunday. Dare I say two posts, before the craziness starts on Monday.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's My Birthday!!!

I had a birthday full of work. I had training from 8-4, then a games from 5:30-8:30. After that I went out to eat with my family and best friend. It was a long day but I am blessed beyond belief.

My birthday present from my mom.

My pretty new shoes. I am in love.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Kid World currently stealing my life. I am totally okay with it though. I haven't been this happy in a very long time. I am beginning to realize that I am happier when my plate is full. I enjoy being busy. On to my list

12. Bullet my day

-6:30- alarm went off; I hit snooze
-6:45- talked myself into getting up
-6:45-7:25- getting ready
-7:25- left house
-7:25-7:45- driving
-7-11:30- sitting in New Teacher Orientation (where I spotted the most beautiful man I have ever seen)
-11:30-1- lunch
-1-4- New Teacher Orientation
-4-4:45- mall, looking for a collar to wear for my volleyball games
-5-7:45- Volleyball practice
-8-9- hung out with dad and ate dinner
-9-10- dad helped my unpack all of my books and movies (there are A LOT)
-10-????- writing this post

13.Somewhere I would like to move or visit.

Move- If you have read any of my other posts you might have picked up that I am somewhat obsessed with the UK, particularly London. I will be moving there within the next 5 yrs. It is just a magical place. Then New York is also very interesting to me. I would love to have the opportunity to move to New York.

Visit- EVERYWHERE. I am down to see anything the world has to offer.

14. Earliest Memory

I remember sitting on the floor in the living room playing with my baby brother, mom, and dad. My parents are divorced so I treasure the memory of my parents together. Don't get me wrong my parents are not like most divorced parents. They are good friends and I can count on one hand how many times they have fought. I love my parents.

My family at a Tarleton Awards Ceremony. I won the highest honor. 2 yrs ago.

15. favorite tumblrs

uhhh I don't think I am hip enough to know what this is

16. Views on mainstream music

I love music just like the next person but I think we put too much emphasis on popular music. Lady Gaga is a little too extreme for me. I like some of her music but her general style scares me at times.

Moral of today: I love my job. I am very thankful to have a job, when so many don't. BE HAPPY WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of all the new things I bought for steals this weekend.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

7, 8, 9, 10, 11

I accidentally took a nap when I got home from coaching. I was wiped out. Then I had to start unpacking. Getting into the hang of coaching has taken longer than I anticipated and packing has taken the back burner. 
7. Zodiac sign and how it fits my personality
As Leo is ruled by the Sun, the Leo personality at its best is that of a bright, shining light that easily holds all its subjects within a safe, secure orbit around itself.  These are warm, caring, giving people who will make it their mission to make the lives of those around them very comfortable as long as they feel appreciation for their efforts.  However, without enough appreciation, Leo can  become domineering, bossy, and stubborn, believing they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Leos are also extremely sensitive to criticism and will rarely forgive a perceived slight.  The Leo personality is  intelligent and motivated, and often seeks out situations that put them in the spotlight, where they can be very effective.  Again, however, if the ego is left unchecked, some Leos may become quite arrogant, doing things that are not acceptable "because they can."  

I am caring and warm. I can be rather bossy, even though I know I can be and try my hardest not to be. This actually pretty funny because it is very close to my personality. I am very concerned about everyone around me.

8. A moment in my life where I felt most satisfied.

This year at Larry Joe Taylor. It is a music festival in my college town. It is a MASSIVE country concert. It was so much fun to see all my good friends, even the old ones. We hung out, ate junk food, camped, and drank for three days. Good Times!!! That was in April. Wow, I need to shake things up.
9. How I hope my future will be like 

I know that I want to be married, at least I think I do. (I will have to explain that statement one day) I really want children. My cousin has a little boy, and he just brightens my life. Bryce is a huge source of joy. I know my own children would bring more joy into my life. I want to have lived in Europe and have fabulous tales for my children to listen to. I hope that as a teacher, I have impacted students lives. I desperately want to make an impact. 

10. Discuss your first love and first kiss. 

I will start with the kiss. I was a freshman in high school. My first kiss was after the snowball dance with Jon Look. I really didn't even like him really. I just wanted a boyfriend. Ha 

My first BIG love. Stephen. I met him the summer before I started college, while I was at Tarleton at orientation. He was in the same fraternity as my cousin and I met him at a party I went to. He is super tall, super skinny, cute, and nerdy. Stephen was clueless when it comes to girls. He had no experience with having a girlfriend, which meant a huge learning curve with our relationship. Within 2 months of being at school we were inseparable. He became my everything.  I still had friends trust me. I wasn't one of those girls but we did spend almost all of our free time together, which is a lot. At the end of the year he transferred to a school about and hour and a half away. Gosh, the distance thing is the hardest thing I have ever done. I had been used to him being there and suddenly he was gone. I needed him when things were going my way, to fix things, and just to sleep through the night. I know pathetic. I think that year is where I actual learned to be absurdly independent because Stephen wasn't there. I wasn't like we didn't see each other. We did, three days a week. We were both so young. I was 18 and he was 21. Our immaturity was too much for the distance. I think know it would be different but then it wasn't. We broke up and to this day I still miss almost everything about him. Stephen is now an engineer in my hometown. He as outgrown most of his annoying immature habits for the most part. I still think sometimes that I made a huge mistake letting him go. All of this makes me sad......

11. Ipod, shuffle, 10 songs 

Staind- Right Here (Oldie but a goody)

B.o.B- Airplanes Remix

Armor for Sleep- The More You Talk The Less I Hear (typical teenage angst song)

Tim McGraw - When The Stars Turn Blue 

3 Doors Down - Landing in London (I love this song)

Randy Rogers - Interstate (such a good song)

Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe 

Breaking Benjamin - So Cold 

Casey Donahew Band - Where the Rain Can't Find Me 

Hinder - By the Way 


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4, 5 &6

Yet again, I am exhausted from coaching today. I did drills and worked out with my students today. That was a mistake; I am so tired. The good part is that I was still able to keep up with girls who are 8-10 years younger than me!! Such a good feeling. I have benefits training tomorrow. Oh joy!!! Let the boredom begin. I should be thankful because I am thrilled to have a job. Now onto my daily three questions.

4. Views on religion

I believe in God. We are friends. Jesus and I also. I have yet to find a church that I am in love with but I will start trying again soon. I am also an all paths to God type of person. If anyone has read Eat, Pray, Love, I agree with her. It is whatever gets you into God's presence. It may not be the same as me and I am totally okay with that. Rock on in your own way.

5. A time I thought about ending my own life.

Never. Nothing is so horrible that it cannot be overcome. The End.

6. Write 30 interesting facts about yourself (hope I can get 30!!)

1. I like to read....a lot.
2. I have a lab named Chloe, who I share with my brother.
3. Chloe thinks she is a lab dog and sits in my lab regularly.
4. I will be tired until 11 p.m. then be wide awake. It is a problem.
5. I ski almost every spring break. I am pretty good too.
6. I love to travel.
7. I want to live in Europe sometime in the next few years.
8. Teaching in London or New York is my dream.
9. I can drive a boat.
10. I am an Alpha Gamma Delta. I am so thankful for my sorority experience.
11. I am Kappa Delta Rho's sweetheart. I have met some of my best guy friends in this group.
12. I never played volleyball, but I am now coaching it.
13. I am a teacher because I had fabulous high school teachers.
14. My momma is also a GREAT elementary school teacher.
15. I could never be a elementary school teacher.
16. I love old houses.
17. I own a house.
18. My house taught me a tremendous amount of responsibly.
19. My dad used to be a home builder. Because of that I am a huge fan of houses in general.
20. My favorite part of Fort Worth is Downtown and all by the museums. It reminds me of big cities, where you can walk everywhere.
21. I am currently living with my dad.
22. I want to visit every state in the United States.
23. My Mimi and Papa are some of the funnest people to hang out with.
24. I love my family more and more as I get older.
25. I am Polish.
26. I wish I knew Polish.
27. I have a learned disability. It is called dysgraphia. It is a form of dyslexia.
28. My disability makes it hard to learn languages. I am not done trying though.
29. I am tired of this list.
30. I have a cat named Cali, who is currently mad because I haven't fed her yet. I also haven't cuddled with her today, another reason to be mad with me.

I hope your Wednesday is amazing. I will have a boring day. I say that and then I will have an awesome amazing day tomorrow. ha 

Monday, August 1, 2011

30 day but really I mean around 10-15 days

1. Single or not?

So very single. I just moved to my hometown from my college town. The only serious relationship I have had was 3 years ago. It seems soooo long ago but really it feels like yesterday. I still miss him sometimes but our problems were big. I am not particularly looking for a man but if one happened to show up I would be thrilled. I am also pretty picky about men. I date around but if I am going to get into a relationship it will be with a great guy.

2. Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?

I will be almost 33. Wow! I hope I am married and have at least one smart and beautiful child. I hope to still love teaching and coaching. I want to have a pretty but cozy house. No mac-mansions here. My really big one is to love my husband more than the day I married him. I want to still want him and need him. I have watched way too many marriages fail and I want no part in it.

3. Views on drugs and alcohol

Alcohol- I am a causal drinker. I hardly ever make myself a drink at home. We are talking maybe a drink every few months. I really didn't even drink that much in college. I enjoy grabbing a few drinks with friends to catch up. Nothing too crazy over here.

Drugs- I have watched people in my life start as productive members of society, turn into lowlifes. The transition is a hard one too watch. I really do think that drugs are bad and one leads right to the other.

I had no original thoughts because of sheer exhaustion but this should keep me entertained for a while. Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday.