Monday, October 31, 2011

And then......

I realized reading through my posts I tend to ramble. Sorry, I will try to do better.

I had my last volleyball game last Tuesday. I feel like a piece of me is missing not seeing my girls for hours at a time. Since I don't have children my team has become my children. Or maybe I am just crazy. Very possible.

Then I played hooky for two days and went to Tarleton Homecoming. I have mentioned how much I love my schools homecoming before but ya know its AWESOME.

I am finishing my list this week......ya know the one I thought would only take me a few days.......WRONG!!!! Oh well, life happens.

23. Give 5 pictures of famous guys you find attractive.
I seem to have a type.

24. What is your favorite movie? What is it about?

"Beauty and the Beast"----If you don't know what its about.....we need to talk. Pronto
"Catch and Release"---Not many people know about this movie but it is great. Jennifer Garner plays a woman who lost her fiance a week before their wedding. She is forced to move in with her fiance's roommates and falls in love with one of his friends. Tragic then happy movie.
Harry Potter-----I love "The Prisoner of Askaban" the most. I can watch them over and over.

25. Someone who fascinates you and why.

Winston Churchill. The man was extraordinary. Google some of his quotes, you will understand. He was an epic failure during WWI and then somehow wound up in charge during WWII. Crazy

My dog and cat. I really want to know if they understand me and how they feel about me. I am gone a lot and I can tell they miss me. It would be interesting to know all sorts of things about them.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I LOVE....

Reading blogs. I cannot think of a better way to find insperation for life, get reassurances on my feelings, or make friends all in one place. I love that I started a blog. I know I have been sucking it up lately on the blogging. I will get better. I promise.

Things I LOVED today.

1. Not having to teach. (My kiddos had a test to take that took all period.)
2. Getting my classroom organized. It is so nice to have everything where it should be.
3. Knowing that tomorrow is my next to last volleyball game. Yes, I will miss volleyball but I am SUPER burnt out. I
4. Being able to come home and watch tv without having to make a lesson for the next day.
5. Having a clean room. It almost never happens. I am usually so busy that I clean on Sunday and before I know it my room is a disaster.
6. My dad cooking a healthy dinner. That I loved by the way.
7. Last but not least, I get to see my man tomorrow. I have missed him.

The HUGE aligator at the aquirium.

Awful phone picture but its better than nothing. Here is my guy.

Pup pup came to visit. She wanted her carrot.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Lovelies

Volleyball is winding down and as it does I seem to be getting busier. Maybe it is just this week but man I am super busy. We had a training day on Monday, yesterday I taught, today we gave the PSAT, then tomorrow I teach / coach a volleyball tournament, Friday teach / coach a game, have a volleyball tournament on Saturday, and finally a family cookout. I am not complaining though. I love my job and my volleyball girls. I will have a month off before soccer season starts and frankly I need that break. I need to actually decorate where I am living, I need to see my family, I need to relax, and I need to get ahead teaching wise.

Christmas, I know, it isn't even November yet. I am a product of a divorced family. Don't feel sad for me though, I have the best parents. They have always put us first and kept it real simple. The problem is that my grandparents will be in New Mexico at their new vacation home over Christmas. We need to celebrate with them and my dad. So this is apparently the plan. Colton (my brother) and I will drive to New Mexico with my mom to hang out with my grandparents for a few days and ski. Then we will fly to Fort Worth for Christmas with my dad, which he celebrates on Christmas Eve. Then we will fly back to New Mexico to celebrate with my mom and grandparents. Ridiculous, I know.

My weekend was fabulous by the way. I am crazy about the boy. He makes me super happy. If a few things would change It would be perfect. I don't think he even knows I need the change to be perfect. I am afraid to tell him though because of his past of ruining our relationship when it gets to serious. (I think we are out of that stage though :-)) I just don't want to scare him off. Is that normal? Or is that a red flag I am missing? (I tend to do that a lot)

I cannot find my iPhone cord. When I do I will post pictures from this weekend.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My List

I was in training today from 8-4. It was a long day. I learned a bunch of new things and have tons of new ideas. I am actually trying some new ones tomorrow. I am teaching them about types of government. I am going to make them make post-its and then write the type on one and then the definition underneath it. I want it to be all colorful. It will be an easy way to study and bright. Friday, I am going to give each student a scenario of a type of government and they will have to go to a corner of the room with their type. Critical thinking right there!!! I hope it goes well. I will be sure to let you know.

Feeling... happy!!!!
Thinking about... life in general and my man. I want to know where it is all going but too scared to ask.
Seriously considering... going to bed at 9.
Excited about... Friday and Saturday. I get to see the man on Friday and go to the aquarium on Saturday!
Worried about... my students passing the EOC (End of Course) test.
Craving... nothing really. My dad cooked steaks for dinner.
Watching... ESPN, I am on the living room couch and obviously the remote is not under my control.
Loving... that I have a man that I am crazy about and that I love my job.
Hating... the uncertainty in my love life.
Busy... planning my lesson for tomorrow and volleyball.
Counting down for... Friday and Homecoming at my Alma mater!
Looking forward to... going to the Dallas Aquarium and my cousins birthday party next weekend.
Lusting after... Jimmy Choo shoes. I know, totally in my teacher salary budget. lol

The shoes from Sex and the City

Reading... blogs and I just finished The Power of Six
Hoping... all my new teaching ideas don't crash and burn tomorrow. I am trying to think outside of the box.

My plans for Saturday!!!


I forgot to tell a story.

We are warming up for the game. I am watching my players pass the ball. My most awkward player walks towards me and says "Coach, my underwear just ripped." Then waits for a response.

Me-"You have spandex on, you are fine"
Her- "Coach, I can't play without underwear on."
Me- "What do you want me to do about it"
Her- "I guess......Oh I don't know" then she turns around frustrated

I am thinking the entire time......uhhhh what do you want my underwear or something? Or do you think I keep spares? I love my girls. They make me laugh daily.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well Hello There

Super busy week but I could not wait to get on the computer and tell you all about my weekend and week.

Friday: Had a volleyball game----my girls were blobs (what I call them when they don't care about the games outcome) It was a horrible day of coaching. After the game, I went to Stephenville to see my brother for family weekend. I also saw a lot of my college friends which is always amazing.

Saturday: Family weekend tailgate and football game. I got caught up on some shopping that I had been missing. My outfit is below. It is an awful picture and bad lighting but you get the jist.

Kandyce and I at the bar. I am in love with rompers!!!

Awful, awful picture of me but I love my best friend.

Pretty new shoes.

Sunday: I drove out to see my grandparents and hung out there for a while. I am CRAZY about my Mimi and Papa. The people just make me smile. Everytime I hang out with them I learn something new about their lives. It is crazy to think that I only know a little portion of their lives.

Monday: Practice at 7 a.m. ugh way too early. It was a good teaching day and I enjoyed my students. I remember why I love teaching when that light blub goes off and they understand. It is a FABULOUS feeling that I am not sure I will ever get tired of.

Monday Night: Went to see the man :-) We ran 3 miles for the mud run we are running in November. I have to keep reminding myself that I have to get in shape or that day is going to suck. I am doing good so far, I just have to keep forcing myself to run. Then we took showers and he cooked me dinner. I wasn't allowed to help because he wanted me to relax and watch tv. I have a sweet man!!!! Fell asleep and bam it was Tuesday

Tuesday: I had a great day teaching. I turned it around on them and made them teach the class. It was funny, when students talked over them they told them how annoying they were being. Some even told me they were sorry for their behavior in class the first couple of weeks. Then my volleyball girls didn't win but they came close. They weren't blobs, so I was a happy coach :-) Then I came home and hung out with my Daddy.

Here are some pictures I have been meaning to post for a while.

White Sands

My classroom from the back corner.

My huge windows that need curtains.

The back of my brothers shirt.

I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!!!!