Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know, all I have been posting has been about how busy but happy I am. I am going to continue this theme. I really am happy. I chose the ex boyfriend. The man makes me happy. Not that I wasn't happy before, but him in my life makes me overjoyed. Yes, really that happy. I am going to go invest in a camera today actually. I got my second paycheck and I am already spending it lol. Right now I am putting off  on my lesson plans. Yes, I am working on a Sunday. It is the only way to get everything done. I could probably live at school and wouldn't get everything done. It is ridiculous.

Is it sad that I was happy about all of my tv shows premiering the past two weeks? I have literally come home from work and turned on the tv to catch up. It is my relaxing time.

I will be back on this week. I actually have a slow week which is rare. I still have practice and two volleyball games but hey that it normal.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Fabulous Life

My life now isn't anything like I could have imagined. I am happy and content as can be. :-) I have a man who I am crazy about, a job I love, and friends that keep getting better. This woman is beyond blessed. My computer got fixed. I couldn't even begin to explain what went wrong with it but it works.

I am finally getting the hang of teaching two different subjects, coaching, and trying to have a social life. It has been hectic but I am pulling it off. I have only cried once about it all. The lack of crying isn't a streach. I don't generally cry unless I am beyond stressed out. I was that night. My volleyball girls have a tournament tomorrow, so I will be out of class all day!!!! I know, I literally just said I love my job. Then said, I was happy to be off tomorrow. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and tomorrow is mine.

Stories from school. Or otherwise known as, "I couldn't make this shit up."

We have practice at 9-11 on Saturday. One of my players walks in 11 minutes late.
"Girl, (won't use her name) your 11 minutes late. What happened?"
"Coach, its 9:11, I am on time."

In a huddle, in the middle of the game.
"Coach shuush, you are stressin' us out."
I litterally had a finger put to my mouth.

One of my students got suspended for fighting with a girl over a guy. Talking to another teacher about it.
"She needs to stop being a slut. That would solve half of her problems"
"BAHAHA" ====Me choking on my water

I will leave you with those nuggets. I really do love my job. I had to share the awesome things I hear on a daily basis. Please, don't think bad of me that I shared those. They were too funny to pass up.

I will be back on soon, since I have a slow day tomorrow!!!!