Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lazy Girl Outfit

I have been studying for my comprehensive exam for my masters degree, which is why I've been MIA. Today, I met my mom and brother for dinner and I didn't have time to get ready. Here is my outfit. Or lack there of lol. My cat was rolling around on the floor that's the grey streak on the floor beside my feet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Playing Games

Every time we go to visit my grandparent we almost always go to the Mexican food place down the street. It is one of 5 places to eat in the big town of comanche so it gets old quick. However, there is one game machine my family cannot get enough of. It is one of those stick a quarter in and it has moving shelves and you are trying to knock quarters or prizes off the shelves. My papa and brother
could play the game for hours. Lol
Here is my brother and papa playing. It's the simple things in life, like quarter games, that make you truly happy. :-)

Hunger Games

Today, as I was pulling out of the teacher parking lot, I noticed the street name. Primrose, Primrose Everdeen lol, so cool.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Mimi's 70th

My Mimi is pretty awesome. Today is her 70th birthday. We took a few pictures of her party :-).

The last picture is her right before her 30th birthday. She's gorgeous.

Oh, Breaks

I had a pretty easy day Thursday at school Thursday. In 1st period, we had an Easter Egg Hunt with the girls in Athletics. They brought the cutest eggs. Then Friday we had off for Good Friday. I went to the pool with my old roommate and got some sun (with sunscreen).

I hope you are having a fabulous Easter Weekend!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Makeup

I am a not a morning person, like at all. I try to fit in as much sleep as possible in the morning. This usually leads to me running late. My makeup because of my sleepinness is very simple. I am also a teacher, so simple makeup=less boys hitting on you. It is nothing special. Everything is from the drugstore except my foundation. It is from Clinique and is the ance solution apparently. Then my eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay. I am in love with it. The primer was a bit expensive but It really does work, so it was worth the $18 bucks.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things My Student Say

Student: "Awwww, f**k"
Student: "Oh, yeah, sorry, ........damn it is bright out"
Me: "Really, LANGUAGE..."
Student: "That is not a cuss word, it is a technological innovation" (We had just talked about dams the day before in geography. So, I kind of laughed.....not going to lie.

In athletics
"Coach, I cut my finger so I can't do crunches"

Me: "What continent is the Great Wall of China located?"
About 5 students: "China"

After handing out a test review
Student: "Is this stuff going to be on the test?"
Me: "sdfuhybwigeuhnwiugr" <--------- and I really do that

Student: Hey, soooo can you just pretend that I have a 100 in this class when you talk to my mom at the parent conference?

Student: "You don't have kids?"
Me: "Uhhh, no"
Student: "Your like 23 right? That's old, my sister has 4 kids and she's 23."

Student: "Ms. W, you look really tired or sick. Are you pregnant?"
Me: "I have very little makeup on and really?

I am eating apples and peanut butter....

"Ms. W, are you pregnant? Because you are always eating funny things...."

This is face I am usually thinking about making. I use hand gestures a lot too, especially when I am annoyed.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So, Texas Got Sketch

Today, as I was minding my own business in a Geography training I am informed there are tornadoes in the Fort Worth area. I pull up my weather app (because everyone with a smart phone immediately becomes the greatest weatherman because they have radar on their phone) and look at the weather. Sure enough, it is sketch. All I see is red. A tornado hit Arlington and Dallas. I am posting some really cool,  but at the same time scary videos.

I love how this guy is giving his thoughts and is STILL DRIVING while taking this video!! It takes a minute to actually see the funnel but it shows up. His commentary alone is enough to watch the video.

This video shows when the tornado hits a trailer parking lot. Trucks are flying. They were empty and parked.

Moral of the story, Mother Nature is crazy.